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Who are the Community Outreach Group (COG)?

COG is a group of Christians from various churches in Oswestry, who share a common desire to find ways to bring the good news of Jesus beyond the church into the wider community around us.

As such COG, standing for ‘Community Outreach Group’ is a grass roots group, happily working in association with the local Churches Together in Oswestry District and others to achieve its aims.

The group has especially sought to establish positive and strong connections with the market, and is very glad to work in partnership with the town’s Markets Manager on events at Christmas and Easter, building on links established over many years through The Haven (a weekly Wednesday Market stall offering prayer for Christian healing).

COG seeks to involve Christians from across the churches, and is in touch with a developing network of individuals who have contributed different gifts and talents, enriching the various events and reinforcing a sense of togetherness.  Want to know more see the More About COG page.