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Our overall purpose and approach

COG seeks to share the Christian faith, and its relevance for life, with all who may be interested.

We sense that many in our community are looking for answers to spiritual questions, often prompted

by life’s challenges, and wider concerns in our society / world. But for various reasons, fewer people

are turning to the church, and no longer know the Christian story.  We are therefore keen to find

ways for people to discover (or rediscover) that story, and its meaning, which are:

creative –using various media and activities for all ages, to inform, inspire, move, engage and gently prompt people to consider and explore faith for themselves

relevant and acceptable in particular contexts, often linking in with what’s happening in the town and making the most of seasonal opportunities (eg Good Friday Fun Day, Christmas parade)

relational – creating opportunities to connect with people where they are (both location and life situation)

respectful – aiming to be a blessing to the community, and to reflect God’s love and acceptance for all, regardless of peoples’ background and beliefs  

Our covenant for working together

As Christians from different churches in Oswestry district, and core group members of COG

1. We affirm our faith in one God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – seeking to honour Him, and acknowledging our dependence on Him, in all we do.  

2. We commit ourselves to praying together regularly (as well as individually) – for the communities we serve, and the Spirit’s continuing inspiration, guidance and equipping in all we do – and encouraging one another to maintain a prayerful focus in our planning and activities.

3.  We commit ourselves to working together as a team, in the unity of the Spirit, drawing on the different gifts of team members, and seeking consensus in decision-making, being facilitated by a chair person / co-ordinator.

4. Recognising that different perspectives are normal in teams, we commit to allowing different views to be aired and discussed, to building understanding, and moving forward on the basis of what is agreed and agreeable, setting aside what might divide.